family-mirrorA story of hidden identity; a matter of survival.

As an abused child, Melinda Master was sent to a psychiatric clinic to help healing her emotional scars. The young director of the clinic was John Randt, and despite his good intentions, nothing was done to help her. She left just as traumatized as when she arrived and returns to a cult-like existence.

As an adult, Melinda comes back into the life of John Randt who still runs the clinic. He is now distracted and vulnerable due to various losses in his own life. But now Melinda is not alone.

She brings as part of her life a developmentally disabled child, a beautiful young yoga instructor and a woman of darkness who offers Melinda a shocking plan as a path out of the personal prison of her father’s home.

Due to John’s pain, he is easily charmed by Melinda and soon falls into a relationship with her, not knowing she plans his death. The trap is set and ready to spring.

John’s only hope for survival is in recognizing the true identity of Melinda and those who support her murderous cause. He is isolated from family and friends—just as traumatized as his ex-patient—so will anyone escape this poisonous game unscathed?

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