drew-storytellerIn addition to writing, Drew Bridges has developed skills as a storyteller. The spoken word, demands a different set of skills than writing, but the practitioner of either can learn from the other. Here Drew will post general information about storytelling, list storytelling events and feature local storytellers.

Storytelling is one of those “oldest professions.” Before the printing press, before any form of written word, storytellers spoke about ancient tales of heroes and villains, wars and floods, keeping alive inspirations and cautionary learnings about life. The storyteller was the keeper of the culture.

Now we have so many other ways to tell stories–books, movies, stage plays and the simple spoken word–with or without props and with or without music. It’s all storytelling. Yet the spoken word story, a teller and one or more listeners, endures. See more here about who tell stories and where to hear them.

Just as the bookmobile inspired me to start reading and ultimately writing, for storytelling it was the barbershop. In my small hometown of Hildebran in western North Carolina, there was a barbershop run by Mr. Sain and Mr. Taylor.

Oh! The stories you could hear in the barbershop. As soon as I was old enough to go there by myself, I would always wait until there was a sizable line ahead of me. The larger the crowd – the better the stories. My uncle Ernest was a pretty good storyteller, too.