Drew-storeOkaaaay…do we need another blog about writers and writing? There are already many, many wonderful such offerings. Why would I do it? Narcissistic self-promotion and shameless commerce? What would I have to say? What do I have to contribute that others would read?

I’ll answer the above questions by talking about who I am. If you have read the bio page from my web site, you know that I’m a retired psychiatrist who is trying to return to my identity as an English major.

In 1969, I graduated from Lenoir Rhyne College and was accepted into the English literature graduate program at the University of Tennessee. I lost my nerve about earning a living with that path.

I went to medical school. I practiced psychiatry for 40 years. I opened, operated and then sold a bookstore for seven of those last years. The store was my internship in a return to my literary identity.

Now I’m sitting here in front of my “typewriter” trying to get serious as a writer. I have four “self-published” books. (And a handful of professional publications in peer-reviewed medical journals). I have three more unfinished manuscripts. I have ambitions.

Any of this sound familiar? Any of that sound interesting?

I love my life now. I spend my time writing and reading. I’m in a writing group. I’m in a storytelling group. I teach storytelling at a local senior center. I share life with my lovely wife Lauren who is a psychotherapist and doctoral candidate in psychology.

So maybe this blog is for people of a certain age—maybe any age—who are trying to finally make time to write, learn storytelling, create, compose or simply find the best way to express something.

I have experiences and opinions about getting published in today’s world. I think learning the difference between storytelling and writing benefits both the writer and the storyteller. The writing world and the music world share common features that are instructive. (My daughter is a musician in NYC).

I intend to blog about all of that and more. Next piece: An End to “Self-Publishing”.

Did I say that I have ambitions?