Legacy Story Project

“One of the benefits of living long upon the earth is that you have stories to tell.”

As part of my set of activities to justify calling myself a “restored English major” I am now offering to those of a certain age, retirees/seniors, an affordable option to take that story that is in your head, that you have always wanted to write or tell in spoken-word form, and bring it out to share with others. I call it the “Legacy Story Project.” See my blog post about living long upon the earth for more of the background for this idea.

Here’s how it works. 

We will meet for  a free half-hour or so consultation about who you are, what you want to write, and what I might contribute to your wish to compose, improve, preserve and present to the world. We will discuss your story and whether it is intended for family and friends only or something you want to publish to the larger world.

At the completion of the consultation, if you believe I have something to offer that is worth a small fee, then we will go to the menu of services and craft a plan.

Menu of Services

Editorial evaluation: I will read your story and discuss with you its merits. Together we will make an outline for you to use in improving your story. Cost: One dollar per page, minimum charge $10.00.

Full Edit: I will make grammatical and stylistic corrections to improve your story, and proofread it. Cost: Two dollars a page, minimum charge $20.00.

Story Doctor: Together we will do a substantial rewrite of your story, focused on content, action, characters, setting, grammar and style. Cost: Three dollars a page, minimum charge $50.00.

For Spoken-Word Stories: I will meet with you for as many times as you wish to help you organize, improve, and polish your oral presentation of your story. Cost: $10.00 and hour. Then I will direct you toward several open/no cost “story-circles” where you can hear other storytellers and practice your stories.

For Groups: For retirement communities or other defined groups, I can put together a workshop delivered at your place of residence, and priced according to what you hope to accomplish in that setting.

Format of written material

The above charges is for written materials that are typed, double spaced, and in font 12. Works that are less than ten pages can be submitted in paper copies. Submissions that are greater than ten pages must be presented in electronic format, that is, by word document attached to email or on a disc or thumb drive.


I am not affiliated with any publishing mechanism, therefore, no promise is made that your work will be published. However, I will discuss with you my own experiences with the publishing world. There are many options, depending on what you want to do with your story.


Looking for a place to hear storytelling or to tell your own stories?

There are two wonderful options near Wake Forest for the storyteller or the story-listener.

First, Clair Ramsey, truly one of the area’s premier storytellers, offers a story circle that meets monthly, usually the third Sunday at 3PM for about two hours. Find the details at Northern Wake Story Circle

The second option takes place at the Sertoma Arts Center in Raleigh under the leadership of Gale Buck, master storyteller. His event can be found at Front Porch Stories

Gale’s personal website is also the place to find information about the larger world of storytelling and storytellers. Find this at Gale Buck.