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Family Lost and Found

What does a person have to do to find out certain "family secrets"? Would life then make a little more sense? Maybe there are no big, bad secrets. How do you know unless you look?John Randt grew up in suburban Ohio, the only child of loving and capable parents. They gave him a childhood that was "orderly". Only when he went away to college did he discover that not every family in America would write the date of purchase on fresh raw eggs so each could be used in the order it was bought. In the Randt household nothing was ever spoiled, lost, or out of place.It was perhaps inevitable that he wou ... read more

January 27th, 2016|Books|

Stories from the Sunshine Mountain Valley

The Sunshine Mountain Valley is a lovely little crossroads community in north-central-southwestern North Carolina, located near the intersection of two Interstate highways, two great concrete and steel ribbons of travel and commerce that cross and go their separate ways just out of sight, and out of mind, of the people of the valley.These are their stories, some told from the porch of the Bull Tail Tavern, so named because the owner was enamored of Mark Twain who noted that the man who takes a bull by the tail is privileged to information not available to others. People of the valley live live ... read more

January 27th, 2016|Books|

The Second-Greatest Baseball Game Ever Played

The Brooklyn Dodgers defeated the New York Yankees in the seventh game of the 1955 World Series in the greatest baseball game ever played. The second-greatest baseball game ever played took place Saturday, June 29, 1957. No Yankees, Giants, Dodgers, Cardinals, or Red Sox were there.The game played out in author Drew Bridges' hometown of Hildebran in western North Carolina. Two teams of boys, 10 to 15 years old, faced off on the high school baseball diamond, no uniforms and no organized league. Bridges played second base, his brother played third and their dad coached the team.In this memoir, B ... read more

January 27th, 2016|Books|

The Family in the Mirror

A story of hidden identity; a matter of survival.As an abused child, Melinda Master was sent to a psychiatric clinic to help healing her emotional scars. The young director of the clinic was John Randt, and despite his good intentions, nothing was done to help her. She left just as traumatized as when she arrived and returns to a cult-like existence.As an adult, Melinda comes back into the life of John Randt who still runs the clinic. He is now distracted and vulnerable due to various losses in his own life. But now Melinda is not alone.She brings as part of her life a developmentally disabled ... read more

January 27th, 2016|Books|